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We possess significant experience in earthworks projects, including

Grading Works

Infrastructure is a vital component of our modern society.

Road Works and Parking Lots

Our modular systems are designed specifically for car parks.


If your property has a lead supply pipe its worthwhile to consider

Street Lines

From design and planning through to installation and maintenance

Interlock Fixing

Interlock Fixing is of a rigid twin-wall construction with multiple

Underground Water Tank

Our Underground tanks have ribbed sides which strengthen

Underground Vacuum Chambers

Even a casual study of vacuum technology makes it abundantly 

Dewatering System

Dewatering systems are used across the globe anywhere 


Our fencing experience ranges from commercial sites including 

Well Drilling

It is advisable that clients first obtain a geological report from

Road Base and Aggregates

Al Anqaa is one of the UAE’s largest suppliers of bulk aggregates for